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Sunday School

Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me.

  1. 27
    Oct 2014

    Children's Ministry-Hallelujah Festival

    What a blessed time we had at today's Hallelujah Festival!! It was priceless seeing all our children in such cute costumes...we had a fireman, a strawberry, bat woman, 2 Elsa's, an angry bird and much more! We weren't able to get a picture during last year's event so we made sure to get some great pictures today. Once we get a hold of them, we will send them your way. During our Bible Quiz, we were hoping to get just a couple of children standing in the end, but turns out our children really remembered all our bible stories. More than half were still in the game so everyone turned out to be a winner! Amen~ None of this could have happened without the help and support of our PTA! A BIG "THANK YOU" to all who contributed in providing the pizza, juice, dessert, assorted candy and t...
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  2. 22
    Oct 2014
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    Children's Ministry-Sunday 10/19/2014 & H...

    To the Parents of our Children's Ministry: Hope your week is going well. I'm sure everyone's busy with work, kids, after school activities, maintaining home chores, but hopefully you will be able to take a little time to enjoy the colors of fall...a masterpiece created by our Father! This month, we have been learning about miracles performed by Jesus. This past Sunday, we learned about how Jesus healed Peter's Mother-in-Law. By just the touch of Jesus' hand on hers, Peter's Mother-in-Law was healed. Her fever was gone completely, and she was able to get up and serve Him. What a great example of just how powerful God is! Bible Passage: Matthew 8:14-17; Mark 1:29-31; Luke 4:38-39 Big Picture Question: How can we show we are thankful to Jesus? We can serve Jesus and live for Him. Announcement!...
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  3. 22
    Aug 2014

    [2014.08.24] The Gospel Project - The Pro...

    제목: 시험 받으신 예수님 본문: 마태 복음 4:1-11 요절암송: " " 마태복음 4:4 질문: How did Jesus keep from sinning? Jesus remembered God's words from the Bible. Satan tried to get Jesus to sin, but Jesus did not sin. Jesus always did the right thing. Jesus died on the cross to rescue us from sin. When we are tempted to sin, we can ask Jesus to help us say no to sin. 예수님은 하나님의 말씀을 전하며 가르치고 병을 고치고 나쁜 귀신을 내쫓는 사역을 시작하시기 전 성령님께 이끌려 광야로 나가서 사탄에게 시험을 받으셨어요. 죄없으신 하나님의 아들 예수님은 우리처럼 시험도 받으셨어요. 하지만 세가지 시험을 완벽하게 이기셨어요. 40일간 금식으로 배고픈 예수님은 사람이 떡으로만 살것이 아니라 하나님의 입으로 나오는 모든 말씀으로 살것이라는 말씀으로 돌을 떡이 되게 하라는 첫번째 시험을 ,높은 곳에서 뛰어 내리...
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